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If you read the news it would seem that technology and the internet is all about taking 'selfie' photgraphs or getting caught out by criminals.


We want to help people explore the positive and useful ways technology can be of benefit.

Your Questions, answered!...

Why Use Technology?

Being able to use the internet can mean you make great savings on everyday products and services. For example, technology makes it easy to:

Save Money

  • Find cheaper services like gas/electric or insurance

  • Search for online discounts and vouchers for everyday products

  • Locate special offers in your local area

Learn fantastic ways that technology can help you bridge the barriers of geography or time. Whether you want to stay in touch with someone in the same village or across the world, technology can help you.

Keep in contact with friends & family

  • Text

  • Email

  • Skype or facetime

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Shopping online can not only save you money but suit your lifestyle.

  • Order big or heavy items and get them delivered to your door

  • Get your weekly/monthly groceries delivered

  • Find new products that may not ber available in local shops

I am worried about Cyber Crime, how do I stay safe online?

How can I keep in contact with family and friends?

I would like to try to order my groceries online but need some advice

The government and local councils are pushing lots of services online and finding out how to access them can save you time and money. It doesn't have to be complicated but sometimes finding your way around busy council websites can be difficult and you don't always find what you are looking for.

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Shop Online

Access Local Services

Explore Your Local Community

Whether you just want to read the local news, find a local business or explore ways you can get involved in local groups or events, technology can help you easily find what you need.

  • Dustbin collection times

  • Finding useful council services

  • Contacting the council

  • Local news & events

  • Things to do

  • Places to visit or businesses to contact

The number one reason people say that they don't use technology is because of safety and cyber crime worries. We can help you:

Stay Safe & Stop Scams

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