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Tell them about us, even show them this website and help them to join, it's free!

We can provide you with guides and information so that you can help your family, friends and neighbours learn how to use technology safely and simply.


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We  want to help and support our community to stay safe online.


By 2045 one in four of the UK population will be over 65*.


As our local services continue to be stretched because of government and social funding cuts, it is down to us, as a commnunity, to help each other, WE NEED TO TAKE ACTION.


We all know that keeping active: physically, mentally and socially helps us all to live happier, longer lives. With YOUR HELP we can provide a network that helps people to easily (and safely) access information and services through technology. Thank you.

 *Office of National Statistics Article

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Tech Wizard?

Many older people feel isolated and 'outside' of society. We want to show them that technology can help them access services, save money and stay connected.


Do you have relatives, friends or neighbours that could benefit from some FREE information to stay safe and use technology more?

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