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We offer a wide range of computer tutorials, just like you would get at a local computer class, but with the benefit of being able to learn at your own pace and from your own home at a time to suit you.


We also offer a range of video tutorials, available online.

Your Questions, answered!...

What is a 'home tutorial'?

Millions of people in the UK did not grow up with technology and never used computers at school or at work. Modern computing changes every year with new 'advancements' meaning that you have to move fast to keep up. This does not mean that you should be left behind.

Who can benefit from home tutorials?

  • Complete beginners, never used a laptop or smart phone before

  • Intermediate users, you know the basics but want to learn more

  • Confident users, use computers a lot but just need a little guidance

Booking your home tutorial is easy. Just have a think about what you would like to learn, contact us and we will give you a choice of days and times (when it is convenient for you) to arrange the tutorial.


All you need to do is call us (on 0800 043 8700) or email us.


You can always just complete our online contact form and one of our friendly tutors will contact you back.

How do I book a tutorial?

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Sometimes it can be difficult to get out to a regular computer class. Whether you are busy, have mobility issues or just want the convenience of learning from home, our tutorials are made to suit you. Each tutorial can take place over the telephone, via email or via remote access to your computer. Learning from home means we can:

  • Talk you through each step, at your own pace

  • Select a day and time that is convenient

  • Focus on learning only what you want to

Find out more about emails, text messaging, facetime or other ways you can stay in touch with family and friends

Organise, share or store family photos or personal documents

Learn how to SAFELY shop online for weekly groceries, bulky items (not easy to carry) or products not available locally.

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Why book a home tutorial?

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