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Unfortunately, emails can be an easy way for criminals to contact you and try and steal your money or information.

  • Indentify problem emails WITHOUT getting caught out

  • Deal with emails in a simple and SAFE way

  • STOP these types of emails affecting you in the future



'Email Safety'

Email Scams and How To STOP Them!

Fact Sheet

Is it an 'email scam' or an 'email hack'?


These common terms are used to describe ALL TYPES of email threat.


Email Scam

Fraud Email

Email Hack

Email Virus


They ALL apply to different types of fraudulent email BUT often all apply to the same thing...


A PROBLEM email.

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Our FREE Email Guide can help you:


Step 1

Contact the person or company that has sent you the email BY TELEPHONE.


ONLY USE the contact details that you already know (ie from company paperwork).


DO NOT respond to the email OR use any contact numbers from inside the email you have received.

Step 2

Have you received an email asking for MONEY, personal information or an URGENT RESPONSE? Maybe from your BANK, HMRC, Insurance Company or a friend 'in need'?


Follow the steps below to STAY SAFE.

DO NOT WORRY if you can not contact the person or company (because it is the weekend or 'out of hours').


REMEMBER that no company would expect you to solve a problem over a weekend and that CRIMINALS use late night or weekends to try and get you to respond quickly.


If a company or your bank wanted your response they would write to you.

Step 3

Keep a written list near your computer with all your important contact telephone numbers on it (for your friends, family, bank or insurance company etc..). That way you can easily call them and you know the number is correct.

You can always call our FREE 24/7 messaging service, describe your problem and a member of our team will CALL YOU BACK with all the FREE advice to help you deal with the email problem.


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