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A South West Community Project

What is the 'Silver Owl Network'?

The Silver Owl Network CIC is a Community Interest Company based in Dorset, on the south coast of the UK.


We have 3 main goals:

Why a 'Community Interest Company'?

There is a general lack of funding for social care in the UK in 2018 and, unfortunately, this means many vulnerable sections  of our society are left without proactive support options.


We believe that technology can offer people who feel restricted by age, confidence, mobility, health or location a way to:


  • Stay connected with family and friends

  • Engage with their local communities

  • Reduce poverty through access to online savings and services


The Silver Owl Network CIC exists to help bridge the gap between how people live today and how, with the help of technology, we can help them live tomorrow.

Too young to think about getting older?

1 in 5 people in the UK today will live to see their 100th Birthday.


That is an amazing statistic and shows the progress of our lifestyles and health system. But, that also means we need to consider the quality of life for older generations now and find ways we can improve that for these generations and those to follow.


We want to build a corner of technology that is designed for and to the benefit of, people in later life. You're never too old to learn and never too old to benefit from the wonderful social and practical ways technology can change lives. Find out more in our fact sheet!

Our Mission

  • Access information

  • Live more independently

  • Keep active

  • Enjoy new hobbies

  • Learn new things

  • To help fight loneliness and isolation in society

  • Protect vulnerable members of our community

  • Promote technology as a means to improve quality of life and independent living

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To provide, simple to access, GUIDES to modern technology and a GATEWAY to access useful information and local services online.


can help everyone

  • Help us fight cyber crime

  • Support your community

  • Help keep others safe online

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